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Advantages of using Kyle Gibson for your videography needs include:

Quality Results

The size of your project does not matter - it's still my top priority. That means your project will be sharper than a tac.

Quick Turnaround

An unmet deadline is a tragedy. I like to avoid tragedy.

Competitive Rates

You'll be hard pressed to find someone else who provides the same level of service for less.

Level Up

Adding video to your website gives you the opportunity to level up your online presence.

Professional Equipment

I leverage industry standard equipment and programs to make sure that your project is every bit as professional as you.

Mutually Beneficial Contracts

I love contracts. They keep everybody on the same page and ensure that no one is getting taken advantage of. Projects don't start until we're all on the same page. (It's a good thing.)


Kyle Gibson is a freelance videographer working out of Southwest Michigan.


Hi there! My name is Kyle Gibson, and I've had a passion for videography from a young age. Over the past several years, I've honed my skills, and now I'd like to share those skills with you. Drop a line below to get a quote for your project!

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  •   +1269 532 6118
  •   164 Lake Forest Ct, Kalamazoo MI 49006


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